Which Party Do I Belong To?

Jorpati! Okay, I am kidding. It’s been quite a while that I haven’t seen this site! Too busy with reporting for my newspaper, fixing and translating for international news organizations and following leaders in their campaign trails in Kathmandu and then keeping myself updated on the election results from around the country. After I returned […]

Time To Be Away from Kathmandu

It’s now time for me to be away from the city of Kathmandu and go back to one of my favorite domains: the hills of Nepal. Being a workaholic ass in the city of Kathmandu means I must take break from regular life to refresh myself and inject fresh energy in the soul of Dinesh […]

My New Canon Digital Camera (Plus Obit to My Old DigiCam)

Wagle with new Canon digital camera that displays his own image- the first photo that was taken by the camera on the day he bought it. This photo and the one displayed were taken by Suraj Kunwar on 31 and 19 October. Clicking on the image will display the its enlarged version. 19 Oct [Kathmandu]: […]

Soltini Ko Syau Jasto Gala!!!

Time for me to go to yet another trekking. This is more hiking than trekking actually. For about four days because there is no work for me in the city as the office of my newspaper is closed for that many days. Feels good to return back to one of my favorite domains: trekking on […]

Ready to Enjoy Elephant Race in Chitwan

I think I have mentioned it already, don’t know where and when though, that work and fun come hand in hand for me. Work is fun and fun is work. Even when I am in stress, while writing stories, I try to enjoy. I feel like man you love this job, don’t you? If you […]

House Arrest: Read, Sleep and Imagine

Yesterday was the coldest day in Kathmandu as we experienced the first sign of the arrival of winter: it rained and, according to what I read in papers, mercury dropped to 4 degrees Celsius. The rain made impressive front page headlines in today’s papers but for me, though, the cold had arrived a few days […]

In Front of NHK Camera

Last couple of days were quite interesting and engaging. And a first-time experience of working in front of a TV camera. A crew of Japan’s NHK Television was following me as I blogged and reported for United We Blog and Kantipur respectively for one of their programs. They wanted to tell the Nepal story to […]

Sister Nirmala in Kathmandu

I was somewhere in Dakshinkaali. Then a call came from by editor. I was needed within an hour in a program that was going to be organized by Kathmandu’s Missionaries of Charity to welcome their Calcuta-based head Sister Nirmala. I was keenly following her Nepal entrance for the last few days. She had entered Nepal […]

The Problem With My Teeth

I saw stars and the whole of a black hole. The formers were bright and the later, as the name suggests, was black. How did I saw those things? Well, the credit goes to Ajay Shah, a dentist in Kantipur Hospital at New Baneshwor. He gave me the tour of the outer world this evening […]