Kathmandu Darbar Square- A Day After the #NepalEarthquake

A day after the #NepalEarthQuake, I went to Kathmandu’s Darbar Square. The scale of devastation was massive. Many of its attractive buildings, former palaces and temples, had either completely collapsed or were heavily damaged. The landmark Kastamandap building had been reduced to rubble. Two other beautiful temples nearby were not where they once stood. The “nau […]

What Did Dharahara Mean to You? (#NepalEarthquake)

Collapse of the Dharahara tower symbolized all quake-related devastations. But did the Bhimsen Stambha embody our pride and morale? The #NepalEarthquake claimed thousands of lives. A million houses have been destroyed, most of them in rural villages. If there was a symbol of this destruction, it was the fall of the Dharahara tower. The tower’s collapse […]

The #NepalEarthquake Day

Like everyone else, I knew it was coming. But I didn’t know when. I had no idea about its magnitude. It’s devastating impact. That’s because, like a generation before me, I had not experienced a strong earthquake. Like most Nepalis, I wasn’t prepared for it. Also, no one can predict an earthquake. So why think […]

कम्पन तनाव

अग्ला घरहरू मलाई उसै पनि मन पर्दैन थ्यो । विदेशी सहरहरूमा तिनलाई देख्दा हल्का आकर्षण त भयो तर त्यस्तै अग्ला घरमा या पेन्टहाउसहरूमा बस्ने रहर कहिल्यै जागेन । हिजोको कम्पन पछि त झन् हेर्न पनि मन लाग्दैन । एकदमै असुरक्षित जस्तो लाग्ने । आफनो भूईंतल्ला नगन्दाको एकतल्ले घरमै अलि सुरक्षित जस्तो लाग्ने । तर अफिस […]

The Earthquake that Rocked Us [भैंचालो जसले हामीलाई हल्लायो]

[This is a bilingual post. यो पोस्ट दुइ भाषामा छ । Read a news report on the quake here] The scary thing (or good, depending upon how you see things) is that the epicenter of the 6.8 earthquake that rocked Kathmandu and eastern Nepal this evening was, according to the US Geological Survey, 272 kilometers away […]