Buddha’s truck with trilateral aspirations

A truckload of aspirations: I was traveling along the curvy Tribhuvan rajpath, heading towards Tistung Deurali, last week when I saw this truck parked precariously on the edge of the road above a house. I stopped for a few minutes to take stock of the situation including the geopolitical one. Would I live in the […]

Dry Fruit Sellers of Old Delhi

19th March Satish took me to parts of Old Delhi where I hadn’t gone during my two-year stay in the city. We had gone to the area looking for the shop where we had found best lassi in Delhi in 2010. I liked the effort they have put to decorate these dry fruit shops and […]

Migrant Workers: Nepali (Rolpali) Porters of Shimla

भागी ती भागीका छोरा पिलेन घुइक्याउदा छन् अभागी गरिवका छोरा भारी चुइक्याउदा छन् मसुरी डाँडोमा भारतभरीका र संसारकै मान्छे पुग्छन् । ’em कुन देश या भारतीय राज्यका हुन् खुट्टयाउन हत्तपत्त सकिन्न । तर खुम्चिएको ढाका टोपी लगाएका, काँधमा नाम्लो भिरेका र यहाँका साघुरा गल्लीमा भारी बोकेर या त्यसै भौतारिइरहेका जुनै पनि मलिन अनुहारलाई सहजै चिन्न […]

A Quick trip to Shimla

Shimla is a town of Monkeys who behave like Monkeys. But I will keep this album free of monkeys. I present here the atmosphere of the town- crowds and buildings- as I saw it. During my two-year stay in Delhi as a reporter I traveled to most of the famous ‘hill stations’ in north India. […]

Delhi once again

Back in the city where I lived for two years as a correspondent. Fortunately it’s not that hot today (29c). It’s not expected to be so for the rest of the week except for Wednesday (35c), according to the Weather Channel. The heat of Delhi terrifies me. That’s the reason  why I have written a couple of […]

A car with two license plates. Spotted in Kathmandu

All the way from Jharkhand (JH), India to Kathmandu…with two identities…perhaps suitable for a society that is being engulfed by the rise of identity based politics. Spotted in downtown Kathmandu last week.

Reasons to Come Home

By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal I came back to Kathmandu last week after completing my two year tenure in Delhi. “Welcome back to darkness,” some of my friends said. Load shedding is not a new phenomenon in Kathmandu. But the continued and unacceptably long hours of power cuts have fueled further frustration. Not to […]

Hello from Hyderabad, India

A quick note. Have been traveling to east,central & south AND west India. First leg was in Puri and Konark of Odisha state. Today arrived in Hyderabad. Had boarded into the train, which we almost missed as the Sun temple in Konark demanded more time from us, in Bhubaneswar last year- last day of 2010. […]

Two Years in Delhi, India

Two years ago today (Nov 6) I left Kathmandu for Delhi. It wasn’t planned but here I am, today, back in Kathmandu from Delhi. I am in a hurry now- have to go to play deusi– so I am not writing a detailed entry like I did last year about my life, time and observations […]

The Mahakali Bridge on Nepal-India Border

Chandani & Dodhara villages: These two villages of Mahakali pari (beyond Mahakali) were connected to the mainland Nepal only in 2005 when the government built a 1452.96 meters long suspension bridge. The structure is quite a sight. The suspension bridge is 12 kilometers away from Mahendranagar town and is connected by a dusty road. A […]