The Kathmandu Post interview: When blogs were Twitter and Facebook

The Kathmandu Post celebrates its (and Kantipur’s) 21st anniversary today by publishing a 16-page pullout on Nepal’s social media scene. The supplement, titled “Platforms of Change“, explores how Nepalis are using the Internet and its various platforms mainly to express themselves and to connect and share and debate. In the lead article ‘Teleprinter to Twitter’, Editor-in-Chief Akhilesh […]

Nepal Telecom’s Improved 3G Service

A week ago I posted an entry expressing my dissatisfaction with the Nokia Lumia 820 phone that I have been using since March. I wrote: Everything’s fine [with the phone] except the 3G connectivity. Not sure if it’s the Nepal Telecom network (I would like to think so and not blame the phone itself as yet) but I have […]

Connected in Kathmandu: Complaints and Compliments

By Dinesh Wagle Soon after Tihar celebrations were over in Kathmandu last week I was in Thamel with a colleague who was leaving the newspaper for good. As he took his bike to a nearby parking lot I stood a few metres away from the entrance of the Roadhouse Café. I started fiddling with my […]

फुटबल फेसबुकको भित्तोमा

दिनेश वाग्ले एक्लै फुटबल हेर्नुको नमज्जा के भने ‘गोओओओओ….ल’ भनेर चिच्याउन नपाइने । सुन्ने कोही नभएपछि त्यसको के अर्थ ? आइभोरी कोस्ट र ब्राजिल भिड्दै थिए । फ्यावियानो र इलानोले तीन गोल ठोकेपछि खेल पूरै एकपक्षीय बनेकाले अरुचि जाग्दै थियो । रोमान्च थप्न अफ्रिकी टोलीले गोल फर्काउनैपर्छ भन्ने चाहना थियो । ड्रोग्बाले पनि एक हानिहाले […]

The Twitter World Cup #Football

It feels like everybody in the world is in one room watching the match together. By Dinesh Wagle Every World Cup tournament is a watershed in the history of football. With the stunning display of human emotions and talents, the game rejuvenates millions of people around the world. Those who watch the games will talk […]

Interesting Nepal related Facebook groups

You might want to go through this article titled “Facebook आन्दोलन” in today’s Kantipur for reference. And please, enter your email in the box on the right so that I can send you my future posts in your inbox. (source, kind of!) Facebook is becoming one of the most popular web sites in Nepal. Many […]

नेटपाली बानी

दिनेश वाग्ले वाग्ले स्ट्रिट जर्नल यो लेख पहिलोपल्ट आजको कान्तिपुर कोसेलीमा प्रकाशित भएको हो। चित्र स्रोत त्यो निम्ता रंगीन डोरीले बाँधिएको गाढा रातो खाममा आएको थिएन। त्यसमा लामो भूमिका बाँधिएको पनि थिएन। ‘विषय’ भागमा कालो बोल्ड अंग्रेजी अक्षरमा प्रस्ट लेखिएको थियो– ‘दीनबन्धु लंकेशले तपाईंलाई हाई फाइभमा साथी बन्न अनुरोध गरेका छन्।’ त्यसमा क्लिक गरेपछि देखिने […]

Feel Free To Browse The New York Times

Yes, now I feel FREE to browse New York Times on the Web! Thanks to and and best wishes to the site to attract more visitors (to attract more advertisers to have more revenue) It was disheartening and disappointing to learn about the Maoists drop out from the cabinet today but one news report […]

Hurray! Laptops Go Wireless in Nepal

Theme of the blog: Now you can be online from anywhere in Kathmandu and 52 other districts of Nepal, thanks to the PCMCI card distributed by Nepal Telecom from yesterday The season has started in Kathmandu (and other parts of Nepal) for laptops to go wireless. As I am typing these lines, I am elated […]

Inviting Nepal To Gmail: An Experience

Nar Phu blogs will be posted daily. Please check below I emailed from new Gmail address two years ago to express my excitement to myself. And, as you can see in the photo above, in the next email I congratulated myself! A new job is keeping me busy in the last few days. I have […]