Interesting Nepal related Facebook groups

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You might want to go through this article titled “Facebook आन्दोलन” in today’s Kantipur for reference. And please, enter your email in the box on the right so that I can send you my future posts in your inbox.

twitter intro of article(source, kind of!)

Facebook is becoming one of the most popular web sites in Nepal. Many Nepalis are using it. This entry, a supplement to an article that I have written on today’s Kantipur, is about interesting groups that are created by Nepali people or are related Nepal.

facebook movement kantipur HF 05Mar10
Click to enlarge (ठुलो पार्न तस्बिरमा क्लिके हुन्छ )

The global popularity of Facebook is suitably reflected in Nepali people’s usage of the social networking site. As it is with users around the world, majority of Nepali Facebookers are youngsters, young professionals and a lot of journalists based primarily based in Kathmandu (and other cities AND at least one in Jumla!). Over the past couple of years I have done a couple of stories about Facebook (and many more mentioning it). Every time a story is published, I receive comments from people who either didn’t know about the site but came to know about it from the story or just joined after reading the story. Actually same thing happens with any other story. Once I was very much into doing stories about Gmail when the service was recently launched or was getting popular in Nepal. Some of my colleagues in the newsroom still think my devotion to Gmail played some role in popularizing it.

I am not fan of Faceook. Many a times  I have felt like deactivating my primary account (at one point in time I used to have several accounts and I have deactivated all of them or the Primary more than once- to get away from Happy Birthday greetings or out of sheer boredom). But a reporter has to use the site for the sake of writing, like this one. This entry is a byproduct of the article that I have written for today’s Hello Friday, a supplement of Kantipur daily. You might want to read the story here before navigating the list of some Facebook groups created by Nepalis or are related to Nepal and Nepalis. They are not the most interesting or the best or anything like that but just that I just found them while browsing the site.

say no to nepal banda

Say NO to NEPAL BANDHA (बन्द गर बन्दहरू)

This group’s title reflects the sentiment of many, many, many Nepalis today. And many people, including this one by, bring out the anger to Facebook. And the introducing poem rocks!

ए हरिलण्ठुहरु हो !
कति दलको नोकर बन्छौ ?
कति स्वार्थमा प्रयोग गरिन्छौ ?
बालक हैनौ, तर किन सोच्दैनौ ?
आफु ढाल बनेको कुरा,
समयको बर्बादी भएको कुरा
अबोध हैनौ तर किन बुझ्दैनौ?
सर्बसाधारणको भोगाई
पिडितको पिडा
आखिर बन्द केका लागि ?
कुर्सि, सत्ता वा अरु केहि ?

झिङाको श्रापले डिङा मर्ने भए
जनता भन्दा नेता बढि भएको देशमा
शासकबाट शासित हुनेलाई कठिन हुन्थेनँ होला ।

बिंड तातेर मात्र केहि हुने भए
खुला भन्दा बन्द धेरै भएको देशमा
कुर्सिकै लागि आन्दोलन गर्नेलाई यस्तो टन्टो हुन्थेनँ होला।

काउँकुतिले गैडा हसाउँन सकिने भए
खु:शि भन्दा दु:खि धेरै भएको देशमा
जनतालाई असल राजनेता खोजीको रन्को हुन्थेन होला ।

मुर्तिमा माला लगाई शहिदको सपना पुरा हुने भए
शहिदै-शहिद भएको देशमा
उन्कै रगतको निम्ति फेरि रगत बगाउनु पर्ने थिएन होला

छाड अब
मसाल निकाल्न
बन्द गर्न
आन्दोलन गर्न

किनकि, यो सब गर्नु भनेको
जनतालाई थप पिडा दिनु हो
देशलाई उधोगतिमा धकेल्नु हो
समयको बर्बादी गर्नु हो
समयमा संविधान बन्न नदिनु हो

बरु खोज-
र बन्दको विकल्प
अनि, संविधान बनाउने बाटो ।
बन्द ! अब बन्द गरौं
हाम्रो भबिष्यको बाटो खोलौं ।

Written by: -शान्ता झाँक्री

सक्छौ भनी नयाँ संबिधान बनाउ नत्र नाटक नदेखाउ !!!!

Bikram Gyawali अब लगबग ३ महिना बनला त हाम्रो संबिधान ।।। हेरौ अझै कती नाटक गर्ने हुन हाम्रो महान नेता हरुले ….January 29 at 1:34pm

which part of nepal are you from

What part of Nepal Are YOU from?

Manoj Rajaure: Well..!!……. born in Dhikpur, Dang, Nepal….spent my childhood in Ghorahi and Tulsipur….my dad kicked me to India…Came back to Kathmandu…right now in Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

Nepali Manche: I’m all over my address is in My Heart! My Nepal

Pradip Kumar Thapa: 101 Facebook Street!

Anup Pradhan: Anup from Galfutar, Kathmandu here…based in HK right now…k garnu sathi…paisa kamauna ayeko tara as one of the songs of Karna Das goes…K lekhya raicha bhabhi le kathai tadpina pardesh ma…afanta khojda afai haraye…birano yo desh ma…kasari ayo dusopna mann ma, sukha huncha bidesh ma…maya chutyo…saathi ch…

change brain, not flag

नेताहरूको गिदी Change गर्नु पर्छ झण्डा हैन

Sudeep Pakhrin नेताहरुको गिदी चेन्ज गर्नु पर्छ भनेर भन्नु भएको छ तर के नेताहरुको गिदी साँच्चै छ त ?? खोइ भए जस्तो मलाई त लाग्दैन । उनीहरुसँग हुँदै नभएको कुरा के चेन्ज गर्नु र ?? हैन त ?? हा… हा….February 11 at 10:00am

Anil Shrestha सबै नेताहरु भ्रस्त हुँदैनन, रज्नीती भनको त सुद्ध समाजसेवा हो तर गरिबीले नेताहरुलाई यती सतयो कि उनीहरुले एसलाई पेसा बेनाय। देस को मुल समस्या गरिबी हो तयसैले अब देखी नेता हरु को गिदी होइन देसको गरिबी change गर्नु पर्छ। अनी नेताहरुले पनि झन्डा होइन गरिबी नै change गर्नु पर्छ। wat says friends borrowedfrom the word of Mr.RAJU K.C national president of 2010 nepal JCY February 7 at 12:29pm

Saurav Lohala chor haru lae flag change garyobhane yesto hun6 hamro naya flag

say no to new nepal flag

Say No To New Nepal Flag

The creators of this group have not acknowledged but I can vouch that this group is based on this United We Blog entry: On the National Flag of Nepal. It’s funny how two inconspicuous emails from two different persons from two different localities, when brought together, create ripples on the web. I am the one who posted that entry on UWB and thank Shree Shrestha and Prakash Bom for creating the debate. But yes, I don’t buy their argument and I support the current flag. So, in a way, this hugely popular Facebook group’s name seems little bit odd as no new flag has been introduced in Nepal. The one posted on UWB was solely the creation of Shree Shrestha. Here are a few views from the group:

Renukant Newpane Our flag is unic in the world. Why should we change ? just change the nerrow mind of politician. Leave live free our nice Nepal and flag as forever.

Prakash Pant Nepal’s unique flag is our identity in the world.

Siddhanjan Lingthep आज पनि पाठ्यपुस्तकहरुमा हाम्रो राष्ट्रिय झन्डालाई ‘आर्य संकृतिको द्योतक’ भनि घोकाइएको छ । यसको रङ्ग, आकार, चिन्ह सबैमा आर्य समुदायको मात्र निजि समित्व घोसणा गरेर नेपालको बिसाल अनार्य समुदायलाई राष्ट्रिय झन्डाप्रति अपनत्व अनुभूति गर्नबाट बन्चित गरिदै छ । यद्यपि, अनार्य समुदायको पनि चन्द्र-सुर्य झन्डाप्रति त्यतिनै प्रेम छ, जति आर्य समुदायको छ ।

Pankaj Poudel Our Flag is best flag in this world. But our leaders are worst in this world so change leaders not flag.

Yozna Martinez flag is the only gud thing we r left out with. and its our pride our honour. we r known for the unique flag tht represents the most beautiful and bravura country of the world. a salute to our national emblem. long live nepal an nepalese flag. *patriotic*

i like prithvi narayan shah than prachanda

मलाई प्रचन्ड भन्दा पृथ्वीनारायण शाह मन पर्छ ।

Description:नेपाल लाई एकिकरण गरेर एक नेपाल बनाउने प्रिथ्बी नारायण शाह नेपाल लाई टुक्रा टुक्रा बनाउन खोज्ने प्रचन्ड भन्दा निकैनै महान छन भन्ने कुरा ठीक लाग्ने हरु लाई यो समुहमा स्वागत छ ।

Nirmal Tripathee धिक्कार छ तिनिहरुलाई जसले प्रथ्वी नारायण शाहको योगदानलाई देखेनन् …. नेपाललाई राज्य देखेनन् र नेपालमै बसेर नेपालका एकिकरण कर्तालाई चिन्न सकेनन् …… म तिनिहरुलाई नेपाल छोडेर तिनकै मालिक प्रचण्डले एकिकरण गरेर बनाएको कुनै दुलो भए त्यहाभित्र छिर्न आग्रह गर्दछु ….February 13 at 8:45pm

Aggyat Sharma राज्य भनेको के हो? राज्य भनेको हिंसाको संगठित स्वरुप हो। राज्य भनेको भौगोलिक सिमा हो। राज्य देश हुनलाइ भाषाको, धर्मको,सेन्टिमेन्ट अनि मनको एकिकरण हुनुपर्छ तर पृथ्वीनारायण शाहले मात्रै भौगोलिक एकिकरण गरे।त्यसैले पृथ्वीनारायण शाहले राज्य त बनाय तर देश बनाइन सकेनन् । February 12 at 12:24pm

World is much better place to live without the MAOIST.

Prajwal Neupane they really jungali afterall they hav came frm there…… haina ta!!!!!! u maiost if u cannot do good for our country then don’t do bad too…..!!! this is 1st & last suggestion n warning frm all NEPALESE citizen…..get it!!! December 23, 2009 at 8:06pm

Kavin Kc Why do u people do such a things that push back nepal 100 years behind than the current world?is this the way to creat naya nepal???i assure u people will kicked out from our peaceful country this country belongs to the people who likes peace n brotherhood not to the crule murderrer lyk u.aashole….December 22, 2009 at 6:04pm

Saswot Baskota Nepal Banda…. Calling a stike and demolishing the public property is easy, but who will repair and build the public property????? Has anyone heard or seen the Maoist involved in social services and repairng the public property after they have used it as their own waste property???? December 21, 2009 at 10:16pm

facebook in nepali

We want NEPALI language in facebook..Need 10,000+ members.

Bikash Bajracharya के हो साथीहरु यदि हामीले फेसबूकमा नेपाली भाषा माग गर्ने हो भने पहिले हामी आफैले नेपाली टाइप गर्न सिक्नु पर्यो र माथिको Title मा नेपाली अक्षर पनि त प्रयोग हुनु पर्यो नी हैन त् ।

Milan Dahal harek nepali ko chahana , sharing garne manko bhawana, padna pau nepali ma, lekhna pau nepali ma , ra k hi dinma nai vanna pau swagatam nepalima, sabai nepali yeutai face book ma………we love nepali language,,,,,

Suren Bhusal i dont know why you all joined this group but facebook is already in nepali. maile use garirako chu ta. beta version ho tara j hos nepali ma ta cha ni. you better try it, maile yo vannali yo group join gareko!! good luck December 13, 2009 at 10:14pm

everest is in nepal

Mt. Everest is in Nepal, not in China or India!

Shishir Gurung khas gari mt everest is shared between china and nepal. its just they’ve got so many other things they are proud of that they dont care about mt everest..February 7 at 8:44pm

उदय नाछिरिङ I think we R mistaken………..may be they wanted to tell that we can see China and India from above there,Sagarmatha…..

proud to be a nepali

मलाई नेपाली हुनुमा गर्व छ

Raj Chhetri आज सात समुन्द्र पारी परदेश मा आफ्नो माटो लाइ सम्झिदा , मातृभूमि को माया मा रुमालिदा रुमालिदै अनायास कसैको मुखबाट नेपाल शब्द सुन्दा मन हर्शोल्लाश ले सराबोर हुन्छ कि स्यानो भय पनि हाम्रो मुलुक विश्व मा महान छ !


Bobby Thapa i love my country n i believe to change Nepal into a New Nepal we should change ourselves first.. December 29, 2009 at 3:04pm

Bishesh Shrestha nepal ko condition jasto vaye pani……yehi mato ma janmera hurkeka hau……malai nepali hunu ma garva lagcha……December 19, 2009 at 10:27pm

load shedding sucks


Not many posts but perhaps that is because the user’s residential area is going through load shedding which, in deed, sucks!

facebook autonomous state of nepal

नेपाली फेसबुक स्वायत्त राज्य No interesting posts or anything but the idea behind naming the group reflects the ongoing political developments in Nepal

i like nepali food

मलाई नेपाली खाना मनपर्छ Mitho Pakaye Khaidinchhu मिठो पकाए खाइदिन्छु Food is very much popular in Facebook and there are quit a few groups that talk about different kinds of food from Nepal. This group and others are just examples. Here’s a comment from the group:

सेल रोटि तिहार मा, दर खाने तीजमा मिठो खान बस्नु पर्छ नेपाली को बिचमा भातलाइ मुछ्न दाल चाहिने, स्वाद को लागि तिहुन मिठो भए पुग्छ मलाइ अचार दिए दिउन February 15 at 3:30pm

दाई, यता अर्को एक प्लेट म:म पाउ त!

Description: …for those who don’t get fulfilled with a plate of mo:mo and eventually order for one more..

Rabin Mainali MOMO bhane pachi ma ta hurukai hunchu ni, la sahuji ek plate yeta pani arko plate order ma chai hai, soup chai ali besi halnu hai. January 25, 2009 at 7:10am

नेवारी खाजा मिठो हुन्छ ।

Rajiv Kc CHATAMARI…………I am not sure when I will again get chance to eat it. can sombody mail it to my mailing address, please??? Happy dashain September 19, 2009 at 2:56am

no caste

म यो जातको र त यो जातको भन्ने व्यक्ति कुजात हो ?

Puru Joshi संसारमा २ वटा जात छ त्यो हो पुरुष र महिला । हामी जात भन्दा पहिले हाम्रो देशको कुरा गरौं । जय नेपाल ।

PraTish Adhikari we all r neplese……fuck people who discriminate us saying,u r of different religion……fucking people y dnt they understand we all have red blood…. February 27 at 9:57pm

you wont see me on the line outside KFC!!! Description: la thikai cha KFC ktm ma kholyo, tara khanai napae jasto line ma basi basi khanu parne???

Roshan Bhattachan anthrax nepali haru lai aafno dignity ko matlab chaena,petrol ko lai basyo thikai cha,tara tyo kfc khana ko lai line basne ta aatinai huncha,sachikai nepali haru pakhey nai huncha December 12, 2009 at 10:06am

Sunny Syngh i mean..seriously.. WTF.. one dude was like, “aaja ta ma jamma 15 mins line basnu pareko baira, bhitra chai 30 mins lagaidyo” :S and he was happy about it :\ December 5, 2009 at 10:55pm

Alisha Vaidya don’t these ppl hav any wrk?? or do they have so much tym to waste?? well m juss glad that m not one of them December 5, 2009 at 10:49pm

dismiss sugauli treaty Dismiss the Sugauli Treaty..सुगौली सन्धि खारेज गर

Public Transit:Until the Sugauli Sandhi (treaty) was signed, the territory of Nepal also included Darjeeling, and Tista to the east, Nainital to the south-west and Kumaun, Garwal and Bashahar to the west. However, today these areas are a part of India. As a result, Nepal shares no boundary with Bangladesh now and the two countries are separated by a narrow strip of land about 21 kilometres (13 mi) wide, called the Siliguri Corridor or Chicken’s Neck. A huge majority of Nepalese still live there (almost 2 million). Efforts are underway to make this area a free-trade zone. The border dispute between India and Nepal has often been a cause of tension between the two countries.

The treaty was not signed willingly by Nepal

1. The British East India Company prepared the draft of the treaty with the signature of Lieutenant Colonel Paris Bradshaw on December 2, 1815. It was sent to Nepal with a 15-day ultimatum for counter-signature and asked to return it to them. Nepal did not like the terms and conditions of the treaty, so it did not sign within that period. The British then spread rumour that they were launching attack on the capital, Kathmandu, and even carried out troop movement to show Nepal that it was serious. When Nepal thought that the attack on the capital was inevitable, it was forced to accept the treaty.

2. As it was a treaty imposed on Nepal, the King and high ranking officials did not want to sign it. But as Nepal was under duress to accept its terms, Chandrashekhar Upadhyaya, who had accompanied Pandit Gajaraj Mishra to the British camp at Sugauli, put his signature on March 4, 1816 and gave it to them.

3. As Nepal had signed the treaty under coercion after 93 days against the 15-day ultimatum, the treaty came into effect from that day.

Validity of the treaty

1. Article 9 of the treaty says that the treaty shall be approved by the King of Nepal, but there isn’t any record of the treaty being approved by King Girwana Yuddha Bikram Shah.

2. The British had feared that Nepal might not implement the treaty signed on March 4, 1816 by Chandrashekhar Upadhyaya. Therefore, Governor General David Octerloni, on behalf of the British Government, ratified the treaty the same day and the counterpart treaty was handed over to Upadhyaya.

nepali doctorsNepali Docs- हामी नेपाली डाक्टरहरु

I hate NTC Ko network.. It sucks..

School: Hyaa school janai man chhaina… College: School kya moz thhyo yaar

OYE!! Line aayo….mero mobile khoi charge garnuparyo No Wall posts so far but the title itself is interesting.

आज कुन तरकारी खान ?

आज तरकारी के खाने…. ?
हामी सबैको दैनिक चासोको बिषय हो, आज तरकारी के खाने ?

Mr-lonely Bishal Karki gunduruk jhol ahhhhh!!!

भाग भाग स्वयम्भू (त) यातायात आयो!

होसियार!!!!!! सावधान!!!!! स्वयम्भू यातायात देखि।

Politics is not a profession (दाल भातको लागि राजनीति होइन काम गर ।)
आज घर परिवार सम्झेर निकै रुन मन लागेको छ Description: आज घर परिवार सम्झेर निकै रुन मन लागेको छ ! किन हो कहिले काहि सबै छोडेर नेपाल जाउ र कहिले बिदेशी भुमीमा नफर्कउ जस्तो लाग्छ ..

मसंग पनि क्षमता छ …. तर मलाई अवसर ठुलो खाँचो छ
जो कोहीले पनि यहाँ join हुन सक्छ … अहिलेको बेरोजगारी समस्या, महंगीले सबैलाई पिडित बनाएको छ … हामी संग धेरै ideas हरु छन् तर, कहाँ गएर उपयोग गर्ने?? हामीसंग answer छैन ….पढाईको certificate त हातमा छ तर जागिर छैन …. येत्रो वर्ष मेहेनत गरेर पढ्यो तर हामीले हाम्रो ज्ञान र सीपको प्रयोग कहाँ गएर गर्ने?? हामीलाई अवसर को ठुलो खाचो छ… हामी पनि देशको लागि केही गर्न चाहान्छौँ… तर, पढेको कुरा हामीले कहिले जीवनमा ल्याउन सक्छौ ? विदेश जाने कसलाई मन होला र ?? देशमा समस्या नै समस्या छ…कहिले सम्म होला यस्तो ? किन हामी मात्रै सधै पछाडी…अरु देशले कहाँ बाट कहाँ पुगी सके हामी भने झन झन पछाडी जादै छौ……

देशको आवस्था सम्झियो भने आखाबाट आंसु झर्छ ….कहिले होला हामीले पनि काम पाउने?? शान्तिले बाँच्न पाउने ?? कहिले बन्ला हामीले सोचेजस्तो नयाँ नेपाल ??

be a hero say no to water balloons

Be a Hero! Say no to water balloons!

A week before Holi as I was standing before a school in my neighborhood someone dropped a 500 ml water plastic bag from a four stored building. Aimed at my head it landed on my feet. I frantically searched for the culprit and found no one.

A few days later another kid hit me with a water plastic bag on my forehead. He ran away as I called out to him.

Yesterday as I was walking to university at around 1p.m someone hit me with a water balloon. ‘Who did it’ I asked .A young man sitting comfortably with his gang in a near by shop replied ‘I did, What will you do? ‘. I asked again and got the same answer. I picked up a pebble and threw at him.He got up, uprooted a bamboo stick used to bar the shop and beat me ruthlessly. ‘Do you know who I am’ he shouted. His gang members stopped him and one of them asked me to leave. I kept staring at him. A little crowd had gathered to watch-no one came to my help. I walked to the university catching my arm in pain.

My right elbow is swollen and I have bruises on my back. This is not some snippet of a feature film. This is what really happened. If you have a story to share please do.

Be responsible!Do not play with water balloons or hesitate to help someone who has been a victim!

Soobodh Khanal यस्तै घटनाले होलीको महत्व घटाउदै लगेको छ…हामीहरुमा भएको पशुत्वको उदाहरन हो यो जून दिनानुदिन बढ्दै छ.

you know you are a nepali when..

You know you are a nepali when…

This one is a nice effort by Prateek Kupre Rajbhandary!

1. You love momo and would do anything for it.
2. You know “Ganjha is really cheap in Nepal.
3. You can and/or probably have already smoked with Babas during Religious Events, ShivaRatri.
4. You know the value of $1 =70Rs++
5. You know the real name of Mt.Everest.- Sagarmatha
6. You welcome tourists and their money.
7. Sherpas are from Nepal and not from China.
8. You are jobless or in search of opportunity.
9. You stay with your parents until you get married if you are in a foreign country and you stay with your parents your whole life if you are in Nepal.
10. You would rather support China over India.
11. You prefer rice at least 2 times a day.
12. For some reason your religious days and cultural days seem to take equal amount of time during the year.
13. You watch a lot of Indian movies.
14. You hate it when someone calls you Indian.
15. You eat everything with your hand. ( I even take it as far as to eat spaghetti with hand)
16. Your parents most likely choose who you get married to.
17. Most likely you meet the person you date on myspace, hi5 or some other online website.
18. The only sport you can go professional in is dandi beu.
19. You know that nepals national food is gundruk and dhedo yet you havent tried it yourself.
20. You see girls who talk a lotta shit online but are the Virgin Mary in real life.
21. You got 2 lives, Online and Real Life.. Online is more active than real life…esp. for nepali girls.
22. If you ever recognize Nepali people on the street, you proceed to talk in English so they won’t recognize you.
23. When your relatives come to visit they stay in your house no matter how many of them gotta sleep in a single room.
24. You still think about who is a bahun and who is a newar, who is a bhote and who is a pode.
25. If you’re a nepali college attender, you either study science or engineering.
26. You go to ANA to make fun of other nepalis about stuff they do, which most likely is also one of your hobbies.
27. if you live in US, you love going to ANA and party till u get drunk
28. When something goes wrong you go “cmmmmmmaaa” dinai bigryo dinai bigryo.
29. You go to chat rooms with nick names such as hottestguy, hotgirl, sexylady when in real life you butt ugly.
30. Your parents worry about dowry (daijo) the day your mom gets pregnant
31. if you’re nepali, u cant divorce so you catch the 1-gaina disease.
32. You can go to any hispanic parade and pass as one of them.
33. You know you a nepali if your last name is bomchom.
34. You know you are a nepali if you run out of forks and spoons at a cultural festival and tear up paper plates as a replacement.
35. You serve more gods than all the gods combined of other religions.
36. You add nep to everything and never realise that adding nep makes every single word sound gay. (Nepsydaz; no disrespect but your name amazingly sounds homo erotic)
37. You are a nepali when you refer to other nepali ppl influenced by hiphop as nepsythugs.
38. You know you are nepali when you refer to the king as Gyanu uncle.
39. You know you are a nepali when you translate rap songs into nepali as a pass time hobby. example “mero hapsis nachdain, khali pant mathi sarchan. ani dhunga tadha, dhunga tadha.
40. You know you are a nepali if you take the most candies in the plane.
41. You do groceries at sabji mandi and hong kong supermarket in the same day. (Special for New Yorkers You know who you are keep rocking that Jackson Heights.)
42. If you hear the word free you go there even if it is free tampons. If its free you will take it.
43. You know you are nepali if you are willing to travel 50 miles to save 2 $.
44. You know you are nepali if you have ever sang “badar ko rato chaak”
45. You know you are a Nepali if you ever sang “ Jhilke dai cha chaina condoma”
46. You know you are a nepali if you think the national anthem should be changed to “hami nepali suruwal fukali hagna bascham condo uchali hey hey.”
47. You know you are nepali if your plate has more goat meat than rice.(Khasi ko masu is the shit)
48. You know you are a nepali if you think the number 36 is hillarious.(chatise)
49. You know you are a nepali if you left other valuables in nepal just so you can bring a khukuri.
50. You know you are a nepali if you have a fake black belt certificate.(lol you know who you are. This is a true story about a person here in facebook. Lol)

Go to the group to continue reading..many more points…

nepali daura suruwal

Daura Surwal,dhaka ko Topi ra Guneyo Cholo


नेपाली movement- say no to NEPALESE (नेपालीज)

This group is by X-Nepalese, er, X-Nepali 🙂 Description: Nepalese is not equivalent to Japanese or Chinese or Bhutanese.Would a Pakistani like to be called Pakistanese? No.

How would Srilankanese, Indinese, Bangladeshese, Maldivesese sound? ‘Nepali’ is what we have been calling ourselves. If a foreigner wants to call us ‘Nepalese’ we should remind them that that is not what we call ourselves.

We are Nepali and we will remain Nepali. नेपालीज is too foreign a word for us.

Anil Maskey its exactly true n we all have also learn to say that ourselves a Nepalese n thats totally sounds unfair……….. So we all r Nepali…….. not Nepalese January 13 at 1:29pm

Anand Sharma Totally untrue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

… Before going further with the discussion let us be clear with the terms `Nepalese’ and `Nepali.’ The former is basically used to represent people with Nepalese citizenship while the latter is used to denote the
Nepali speaking Indian nationals. `Nepalese’ refers to the national i…dentity or nationality of the people of Nepal while the term `Nepali’ connotes the ethnic identity of the Indian Nepalis. Bengali, Tamil, Oriya, Punjabi, etc., are all ethnic identities of respective social groups with Indian nationality. The Nepalese from Nepal have scattered across the length and breadth of the Indian territory and got into the blue-collar jobs notably in the hotel industry, security services and as domestic helps. They are here mainly as seasonal migrant workers who would visit their country from time to time………

-Vimal Khawas (article published in The Hindu on the 19th of June 2005) January 12 at 4:29pm

THE DEOKOTANS Parth Guragain creates a forum for ex-students of a college. “When I formed this group I knew only 2 persons from Deokota in Facebook,” says he. “Now it has 247 members. See the power of internet. Amazing.” Description It is group in which Deokotans from all around globe can unite and express their thought.

आमा “हेर कोठाको हालत !” ; म “ह्या! ठिकै त छ नि! “

we in tomorrows nepal

भोलीको नेपालमा -हामी

hello sukrabar, kantipur

Last but not the least: Hello Shukrabar is also the name of the facebook group of the Friday supplement of Kantipur where this artilce appeared today. Click here for the complete issue of today’s HF (epaper version, page 24 to 28)