Rukumkot’s Sisnu Festival

A day after Maghi there were no signs on colors in Rukumkot village. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to see young boys and girls in Rukumkot hitting each other below the knees by stinging nettle. Dozens of boys and girls had gathered around the Village Development Committee building in the afternoon. Most of them held bunches of […]

Some images from Rukum

I saw that people in some villages of Rukum and Rolpa celebrated the Maghi festival like the way many in other parts of Nepal celebrate the Holi festival- by smearing their faces in colored powders. (See here how people of Thabang village celebrated.) A day after Maghi, after my return from Thabang, at Khabang Bagar […]

Thabang: The village that didn’t vote; once hosted Maoist guerrillas

(यो लेखलाई नेपालीमा पढ्न यहाँ क्लिक गर्नुस्) On November 19, 2013 Nepal held national elections for the second Constituent Assembly. The country witnessed a record turnout. I was among the 9.4 million Nepalis who voted that day. But one entire village in remote mid-west Nepal abstained. Thabang boycotted the elections. One more reason to go […]

भोट नहाल्ने गाउँ थबाङ पुग्दा

[Click here to read this article in English and see more photos.] नेपालमा २०७० मंसिर ४ गते दोस्रो संविधान सभाका लागि राष्ट्रिय चुनाव भयो । जनताले सर्वाधिक संख्यामा मतदान गरे । त्यो दिन भोट हाल्ने ९४ लाख नेपालीहरू मध्ये म पनि एक थिएँ । तर मध्यपश्चिम नेपालको एउटा पुरै गाउँ मतदान केन्द्रमा अनुपस्थित भयो । रोल्पाको थबाङले […]

A campaign poster

A couple of weeks back I walked from Bhaktapur’s Changunarayan Temple to Nagarkot (4hrs). The walk continued next morning. Went to Sankhu via Lapsephedi (near Jaharsingh Pouwa, 6hrs). This is one of the several villages that are part of Kathmandu-2 constituency where I am registered to vote (I voted). Found a piece of campaign poster […]

Chitlang revisited

27/28 April: A hike up to Chitlang over the weekend. Passed through this village back in 5/6 May 2010 with Suraj on his motorbike. The Maoists, still angry with President Yadav and Prime Minister Nepal almost a year after their exit from the government, had imposed an indefinite country-wide general strike with lofty aims of correcting the […]

malangawa, sarlahi streets on a rainy day

21 June: My impression of Malangawa where I am now for the first time? Very basic bazaar. Feels like nothing here is in good shape. But that’s when you are frustrated. Feel good and you start realizing that the place is normal, like any other district headquarters that have unpaved roads, dilapidated buildings and dirty […]