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First the credit. This post is inspired by and based on Tajim’s entry on his website. I have copied his post- including the title- and added my own comments and links where I felt appropriate. So this is more of my extended comment to his post than an original entry. He is 25. I am […]

Nepal Banda and Power Cut

By Dinesh Wagle This is part of an article that appeared on today’s Op-Ed of the Kahtmandu Post. The other part is here. The complete article in PDF is here. In my five-month-long stay in Delhi, I almost missed two things in particular about Kathmandu. 1. Why no bandas here? 2. Why no power cuts? […]

भगवान भरोसा

भगवान नदेखेपनि थुप्रै नेपाली मन्दिर जाँदा मनमा शान्ति महसुस गर्छन् । किन ? दिनेश वाग्ले/ सुरज कुँवर यो लेख आजको कान्तिपुरमा प्रकाशित भएको हो । रातको ११ बज्नै लाग्दा र अघिल्लो युगमा कृष्ण जन्मिएको पल नजिकिँदै गर्दा गतसाता पाटन कृष्ण मन्दिर परिसरमा राता सारी, हरिया पोते र नङपालिस लाएका महिला झुरुप्प बसेर गाउँदै, ताली बजाउँदै, […]

Walking Around a Nepali Village

Clicking some (or all) photos will take the clicker to my Flickr page. In the morning, in Chandanpur village of Lalitpur district, we decided to take a walk for a while. We wanted to see how people were living in their homes and what they were doing in their fields. We walked uphill for about […]

The Motorcycle Diary: Nepali Version!

See the related article [Motorcycle Diary] in Nepali in Blogmandu Recently I went to some “remote” areas of Lalitpur district pillion riding on my reporter colleague Suraj Kunwar’s Honda Shine. During the overnight trip we rode over the bumpy roads, stopped for tea and snack in small tea-shops and stayed in a dirty lodge. But […]

Phones, Presidential Oath and the Restaurant Bill

It wasn’t predicted. It wasn’t on my schedule. In a way it was like any other unpredictable day in my professional life. As I was heading towards office thinking about what I might do in the newsroom, the cell rang- GSM I must mention, not the CDMA, as I have started carrying two if I […]

Kumaris, the Living Goddesses, of Nepal (or Kathmandu Valley)

My latest in Koseli: छातामुनी पिसकोर. Previous: गुगल, गाई र रिक्सा …….. Though I have been hearing about the Kumari tradition of Nepal (all these cute girls who are considered living goddesses and are almost always clad in dark gajal and red outfits) I hadn’t seen them directly until recently. A few days ago a […]

Compensation to Nepalis Killed in Iraq: The Reporting Experience

Media Watch: Nepali reporters and news outlets sometime make jokes out of themselves. While reporting news, they hardly care about facts, those facts that are usually the backbone of the story itself. Rookie reporters and careless editors are often to be blamed for such inaccuracies. I am talking about the coverage of latest development from […]