Hi America, Hi Hillary

Hillary Clinton

So Hilary Clinton has decided to take part in the 2008 United States presidential race. What does that mean to us, the people in Nepal who are far away from the US? How far can you be from America if you are living in this world? If life were a meal, America would be the achar (pickle) without which the food’s tasteless. You get your daily dose of pickle in your life via countless mediums. Internet is America, TV is America, Film is America, Coca Cola is America. Heck, I am not typing Nepal is America and the world is America. But does that really matter? A small event in America is BIG for the world and makes it to our living room in an instant. Take Hilary Clinton’s announcement as an example. Hillary has just made public her intention of entering into the presidential contest, she hasn’t even secured the nomination from her party yet. The election is months away and God only knows if she will win or lose- first the Democratic ticket and then the United States presidency.

I can’t believe I wrote a blog in November 4, 2004 titled “Congratulations President Bush! Hillary, are you ready?” While congratulating George W. Bush for his reelection (“Though I endorsed Senator Kerry’s effort for the White House…,” I wrote) I had ended my blog with these lines:

“Let me end this blog with a hopeful note. I genuinely expect Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to run for the 2008 Presidency. That can be possible. She should be prepared for that race. The US needs a female president which will create history in its own right. Hillary, are you ready?”

Did Hillary read my blog post and decide not to disappoint me? 🙂

Whatever is the case, I am sure the times have changed and there is a brand new competitor for Hillary: Senator Barack Obama. Ever since I learned about this guy, I have been thinking about the possibility of the United States with a black President. Obama is not just a black; he is indeed a talented man with charismatic personality. This year too my support goes to the Democratic candidate (as if that mattered to the Democratic Party!) but who will be the lucky one (Hillary or Obama) is still not decided. [After all as a citizen of this world, I think I must have my say over the American politics, economy, culture and many other things because whatever happens there definitely affects us.] Both Hillary and Barack Obama will create history in the US if they become successful in their aspirations. So for the next few weeks, I will play neutral and, for now, extend my best wishes to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

> Pics above, taken from Hillary Clinton web site, show phuchhi Hillary and Lady Hillary.