Packrafting Nepal: The Indrawati, Balephi Khola and Upper Sun Kosi

मेरो लामो जलयात्रा विवरण पढेको भए पिटरको साइटमा राखिएको यो भिडियो पनि हेर्न सिफारिस गर्छु ।


Another “what I did on my holiday” entry, I’m afraid. I went with on a four day pack rafting ‘proof of concept’ trip over Easter.

Day 1: We took the bus to the edge of the Kathmandu valley then hiked with the boats and full camping gear on our backs to Sipaghat on the Indrawati river. I was a bit under the weather, needed a paracetamol when I arrived, and had to deal with some local kids who insisted that water is pronounced ‘watter’ and that I was actually an American.

Day 2: We inflated the rafts, strapped the packs to the front and set off.  My guidebook (“White Water Nepal” by Peter Knowles) says this is an easy grade 2 river and an ideal first run for a beginner.  Which is pretty much what Dinesh and I are.  The river was great fun, small bouncy rapids…

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