A Tour of Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Here’s my Edinburgh entry (now with photos). It was Amit’s idea. He knew someone who worked there. That someone, I later came to know, was Bhaskar Adhikari (PhD from University of Edinburgh). Bhaskar worked as a researcher at the “Flora of Nepal” section of the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh. He had agreed to give us a tour […]

साझा बस र त्यसका कन्डक्टर*

उनन्सत्तरीमा सबैभन्दा जनपयोगी काम काठमान्डूमा बर्षको अन्तिम दिनमा भए जस्तो लाग्यो । सहरमा सार्वजनिक बस सेवा साझा यातायात पुनर्जागृत भयो । अहिलेलाइ १६ वटा बसले दुईवटा रूटमा सेवा दिने भनिएको छ । तर आशा गर्न सकिन्छ सेवाको विस्तार हुन्छ- शहरभरी, देशैभरी र विदेशसम्म पनि । सञ्चालकहरूले पनि त्यो प्रतिज्ञा गरेका छन् । साझा यातायातको सेवा विस्तारबाट भन्दा ठूलो आशा […]

Rukhmuni Ranta Park: Revised Impression of Speakers’ Corner at Hyde Park

So the Speakers’ Corner hasn’t been deserted after all. After I posted an entry on the place portraying it as an empty place James (call him Sir James or James Chambuwan 😉 ) suggested me to go there on a Sunday afternoon. That’s what I did and, lo and behold, there was another James, slightly taller than the one […]

British Train: First Class Journey

Things that you didn’t see or experience while growing up often generate curiosity in you whenever you come across them. The level of curiosity increases if such things are not yet part of your daily routine. They invoke a desire in you. The desire to own, control or use them. Rail network is one such […]

York: the Town, Railway Station, Rivers and a Plate of Momo

It was a friend of mine who asked me if I wanted to go to York and, through that question, encouraged me to go to the place where he had spent 10 years of his youthful life procrastinating and photographing the walled city and, in his last years there, taking time out to earn a PhD from the […]


There are so many things to write about. This evening’s bus ride, branded shops of Oxford Street with ridiculously high prices of the products on display and malls that sell things surprisingly cheap stuffs. The famous bridge of London, museums that I visited, television studio that I liked, portraits that I saw, food that I […]

On Weather Again

London: today Last two entries have given the impression that the city is so very cold, that I am freezing here in London and that I am about to die of hypothermia (exaggeration). That’s obviously not the case. Last week was all normal. I mean I needed a jacket but going out was no problem at all. Plenty […]

Pasta and daal, for free, in the name of Lord Krishna

Just as I was about enter through the main gate, someone waved at me and extended a warm invitation. “Come, eat,” he said. “It’s a very cold day today. You should eat something. It’s free.” The white man, with a bald head and a huge tuppi, was wearing a yellowish dhoti. I was in central […]

A tour of the BBC building

Better late than never. Continued from my Feb/March London/UK trip. I visited the newly refurbished BBC building to see newsrooms and recording studios. Liked the design and overall feel of newsrooms/sections (lobbys to gather and discuss) which are open and very much connected with each other. Impressive glass walls received the highest score. (From a BBC […]