उबर दिल्ली

त्यो वेलुकी म खान मार्केटको फकिर-चन्द एन्ड सन्सबाट वाकिेङ् द हिमालयज  च्यापेर निस्केको थिएँ । झोलामा द अोसन अफ चर्न  थियो र थिए द टु-इयर माउन्टेन, हाफ लायन  अनि कोर्मा खीर एन्ड किस्मत । अलि ठूलो पसलमा गएपछि अाफ्नो छनोटका किताव मात्रै किनेर पुग्छ र? त्यही दिन त्यो पसलमा टुपुल्किएको ग्यारिसन्ड माइन्ड्स्  लगायतका अरू केही […]

Dry Fruit Sellers of Old Delhi

19th March Satish took me to parts of Old Delhi where I hadn’t gone during my two-year stay in the city. We had gone to the area looking for the shop where we had found best lassi in Delhi in 2010. I liked the effort they have put to decorate these dry fruit shops and […]

i was walking through the city streets… #oldDelhi

18th-19th March A trip to New Delhi is not complete without taking a walk through the animating streets of Old Delhi. The old part of Delhi feels like a super enlarged Ason. More chaos and bigger crowds. The contrast between New and Old is clearly visible and mind-boggling. On the new part of the city roads are wider […]

Parthasarathy Rocks (and Flowers of JNU)

17th and 20th March 2013 When I was living in Delhi as a correspondent for Kantipur, PSR was my favorite place in the city. That, according to me, is also the most beautiful place in the whole of Delhi. I would spend hours at the Parthasarathy Rocks, located inside the Jawaharlal Nehru University campus chatting with […]

Reasons to Come Home

By Dinesh Wagle Wagle Street Journal I came back to Kathmandu last week after completing my two year tenure in Delhi. “Welcome back to darkness,” some of my friends said. Load shedding is not a new phenomenon in Kathmandu. But the continued and unacceptably long hours of power cuts have fueled further frustration. Not to […]

Two Years in Delhi, India

Two years ago today (Nov 6) I left Kathmandu for Delhi. It wasn’t planned but here I am, today, back in Kathmandu from Delhi. I am in a hurry now- have to go to play deusi– so I am not writing a detailed entry like I did last year about my life, time and observations […]

An Overnight Bus Journey to Mahendranagar from New Delhi

  This is clearly one of the most uncomfortable bus journeys that I have undertaken in recent times. I have to spread my legs to form a huge V so as to avoid rubbing my knees on the back of the seat in front of me. The bus is filled with Nepalis who are returning […]

Unfriendly Monkeys of Delhi

Humans and monkeys struggle for space in the Indian capital By Dinesh Wagle It took me a week and three incidents to identify the culprit. I had kept a bucket of household waste just outside the main entrance of my third-floor apartment so that the collector could take it away. One recent afternoon, the collector […]


The day before yesterday I went to Khanna Market (which is not very far from Khan Market that, unlike Khanna, targets rich customers) to eat at a south Indian restaurant. I had been hearing about this restaurant for long. Several people had sworn that the eatery serves excellent south Indian food at reasonable prices. (“AC […]

Khan Market Magazine Stall

I am posting a photo that I tweeted a few days back. A man walks past a magazine store in Delhi’s Khan Market. This post is a part of my continued effort to give the site a Twitteresque feel. Recently I reactivated the P2 theme that its creators- Automatic- think will be useful for short […]