कानको सफाई

[This post details my recent encounter with an ear cleaner in Koteshor, Kathmandu which reminded me of an incident that involved an ear cleaner in Old Delhi a few years ago.] झन्डै पाँच वर्षअघि पुरानो दिल्लीको जामा मस्जिदका सिंढीमा बसेर भव्य लाल किला हेरिरहँदा मैले एउटा अनपेक्षित दृश्य देखेको थिएँ । एउटा अपरिचित ठिटोले मसँगै त्यहाँ पुगेका […]

Hello Saar! I Clean Your Ear?

I was sitting outside the Jama Masjid, on the stairs that lead up to the main entrance of the mosque. Gokul was sitting a few stairs below on my left. We were both watching the magnificent Red Fort in front of us. At least I was watching until something pulled my attention away from the […]